Real Parenting

Welcome to Maximize Wellness Groups!

Below you will find the current and upcoming groups that are being offered by Maximize Wellness at various locations.

If you have a request for a specific type of group, feel free to contact me and we can work together on making it happen or I can help you find one somewhere else that meets your needs. 

Parenting can be challenging. Especially parenting children who each have their own unique needs and challenges. This group is 6 week program designed to provide education and support for parents who are experiencing stress, anxiety and challenges around day to day parenting. 

It is not a "parenting education" class, but more a supportive group focused on needs and challenges unique to members of the group designed to provide therapeutic tools on managing anxiety, stress and challenges around self-care.

The group will be offered at

Pediatric Therapeutics

330 Main Street, Chatham NJ

We will begin in early May and end in mid June. 

Contact me to be emailed updated information on the registration process and group details.