If you have an appointment for Counseling/ Therapy in Chatham or via Teletherapy with Cara, you may create a profile on Theranest Client Portal and complete the forms as instructed. Cara will send you a link to create your profile after you complete consult call.

If you would like to download and print documents instead of using the portal, you can find them below. Cara will let you know which forms need to be completed.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

-Lao Tzu

* As CDC guidelines change around COVID19, I will be offering In-Person sessions. If you are a currently doing telehealth with Cara and would like to consider resuming or starting in-person sessions please download and sign the COVID19 Informed Consent for In-Person Services form. Creative options (outdoor park or walking session) may also be possible on a case by case basis. In the office I have implemented some new processes to prevent passing other people in the waiting area, providing had sanitizer, as well as cleaning surfaces including but not limited to daily Uvlizer treatment (germicidal UVC light producing ozone) of the office space. I will continue to offer Teletherapy as appropriate for anyone who would like to continue to have session through TheraNest HIPAA Compliant medical records platform. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.