B- What was the Best & Brightest part of my day?

A- What did I Accomplishtoday?

G- What am I Grateful for? Why is it important?

Fill Your BAG Happy™

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*Fill your BAG happy is an exercise I created. I have no formal data on the efficacy of this particular practice.

It is based from research in Positive Psychologygratitude and well-being by Dr. Martin Seligman at University of Pennsylvania

Fill Your BAG Happy is meant as a simple reminder to focus on the good each and every day and not a treatment for depression.  I urge you to please contact me or another healthcare provider if you are feeling depressed or are in need of any medical or mental health services.

To find a provider in your area you can go to  Psychology Today or reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline​ 1-800- 273-8255 (TALK)​

Imagine you carry around a BAG that collects all of your emotions, experiences and things throughout your day. 
At the end of each day take a moment to rid yourself of all the negativity by taking a deep breath and visualizing yourself dumping the contents of your
BAG that may be holding you back from feeling happy, motivated and energized.
Refill your
BAG with the bright spots of your day by answering these three questions and don't forget to ask yourself WHY each is important to you:​

The practice called #fillyourBAGhappy™ was created as a fun visual version of gratitude practices. It takes a few minutes a day and can be done alone or with others, especially nice family time. Here's how you do it: