What others are saying:

  • "Great session to help us remind ourselves of how to stay grounded and deal with the daily pressures of taking care of children and/or aging parents while balancing the pressures of work. Useful tips and though sharing by those who attend is very useful." Attendee from October 6, 2022 webinar
  • "Thank you! This has been really helpful and in my opinion the best session on mental health we've had over the past year." Employee March 2021
  • "For almost an hour listening to talking I was engaged the entire time! Thanks" chat from February 2021 webinar
  • "She made it really relatable and brought fun into the topic, which was great. While also making the whole thing actionable. Great energy and examples. Easy to relate. Good flow. It was exactly what I needed to hear during this confusing & emotional time. Cara was great, and I would LOVE to see more mental health talks like this in the future." - COVID19 webinar attendees May 2020​
  • "The seminar was great and everyone loved Cara. I have had numerous employees coming to me and telling me that they loved it." - HR Director 2017
  • "I felt calmer being with the speaker, If Cara could be brought back to speak on other related topics of interest, Great Lecture!, It was clear and concise, Very good presentation.” - St. Barnabas 2014

​​​Corporate Wellness Workshops  provide interactive, educational and engaging programs to your employees, group or organization. As a licensed clinical therapist, I provide participants psycho-educational programs focused on building strengths, increasing emotional awareness, identifying unhelpful thinking patterns. Participants will leave each workshop with healthy, positive, and productive practices that can be used every day in work and life.
All workshops are designed to meet the needs of your organization and address current and timely challenges that your employees or group may be experiencing.

If you would like to attend a community based workshop offering or see a list of private and prior workshops, go to EVENTS page for the most updated list. ​​

  • Programs run approximately one hour with time for Q&A.
  • Cara is available for in-person programs in Northern/Centra NJ and NYC as appropriate depending on covid19 guidelines and webinars are available anywhere in the US. 
  • Rate of $600 per one hour workshop. Discount prices for packages as well as pro-bono programs are available.
  • Packages with multiple workshops, additional follow up and/or coaching services are also available.

Available topics:

  • Social Media and Affects on Mental Health: Using Social Media in a Positive and Productive Way!
  • Self-Compassion in the Workplace and in Life
  • Demystifying Mental Health: Introduction to common mental health conditions and treatment options
  • Emotional Health Training for Managers
  • Mindfulness-Based Practices 
  • Understanding Grief
  • Reducing Reactivity/ Anxiety and Building a Calmer Life
  • Maintaining Emotional Health in Work and Life
  • Protecting Family Mental Health During Challenging Times
  • Reimagining Work Space, Self and Relationships while Working from Home
  • Positive Psychology for a Happier, Healthier, More Productive YOU
  • Improving Communication & Productivity
  • Achieving Goals with Positive Psychology
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
  • How to Foster a Growth Mindset
  • CBT & Mindfulness for Chronic Pain Management
  • Parenting in Today's World

Let me bring a customized program to you!

Individual workshops or customized workshop/coaching packages are designed to meet your particular needs.

Contact me to set up a free consultation call to learn how I can bring emotional health and stress management tools to your group.

If compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.

-Jack Kornfield